The ninety-sixth classical recording: #627 Sergei Rachmaninov - The Bells

While originally based on a poem, setting it to music, more interesting is how this work explores the four different moods that resonate with the different bells reference - the cosy, communal feeling of sleigh bells, the formal and almost menacing sound of wedding bells that fades towards the angelic, the loud and imposing alarm bells clearly causing panic and ending with the mournful bells at the end. It's a simple story structure but works well as an arc of emotions

These four movements are supported by different vocalists, a different sound of the music, and some use of the glockenspiel, bells and other percussion instruments that give the sound of these bells. They are mostly used as emphasis, rather than dominating the work, but feel like a nice and welcome relief - I always feel they're a bit underused. Even so, the emotions and feelings created by these bells resonate through the work.