The one hundred and ninety-eighth TV show: #987 How to Get Away With Murder

With this show being added to the list after only a season aired, How to Get Away With Murder doesn't put those later seasons on the list. That doesn't mean it doesn't hold up - Viola Davis is amazing - but the nature of a drama means that the show starts to lose a bit. While in other crime shows you would get the cases rotating through enough that the drama can flow from it, here there's a lack of detachment that can make it feel a bit much. It means that there are places where actors don't know what they're meant to be playing, because it seems like the mystery isn't resolved yet. It feels the need to heighten the drama in a way that I think gets a bit much sometimes. It's all well performed and well done, but starting the second season, it feels like it might be a bit closer to throwing at the wall and see what might stick, to the point where it feels directionless. It's where it starts to push into more illegal behaviour from everyone that it starts to lose me, when I feel it starts off being about skirting that line that made it interesting. It might have been interesting live, but as a later watch I don't think it gave me much to go on.