The one hundred thirty-second TV show: #870 Black Mirror

It's hard to talk about an anthology series here. It's even harder considering it took us the better part of a year to get through, as some of the episodes, especially early on, were quite heavy. And while not all episodes have a twist, it's a show that's easy enough to spoil while they episodes are best when it's not.

The show addresses the consequences of technology, the problems that come from its adoption and use and how it could or would influence society. Most of it is set in a near(ish) future, a further development of technology we already have (as much as we need to make for a good story). The series retraces some steps sometimes, not always successfully, but on the whole has enough different perspectives to stay interesting. Bandersnatch's commentary on choice, for example, feels like not many others could have done it, while the different takes on virtual reality have some interesting ideas. Even the weaker episode has something interesting and worthwhile in there, and often something is worth watching.