The two hundred and fifty-third album: #253 Milton Nascimento & Lo Borges - Clube da Esquina

As I've seen before on this list, the Brazilian music scene has a tendency to take the prevalent music of the day and make it their own, mixing elements in a way that doesn't always get done in other countries. For Clube da Esquina, that's a case of taking their existing jazz and bossa nova route and mixing in contemporary rock, mixing in some rock ballads and psychedelic rock and bringing that experimentation into their own context.

What you get is a fusion of styles that's hard to place in what we know, but gives a nice, relaxed vibe that's pleasant to listen to. In the era of double albums an hour-long album is already feeling less excessive, but regardless of that it doesn't drag as other albums of this length tend to, offering a nice variety even as it's an album that works as well in the background as something to listen to while working.