The two hundred and third album: #203 Santana - Abraxas

Latin rock hasn't featured on this list - at least not recently - and Santana's second album sets a tone from the first number, a jazzy fusion that brings in some different sounds on its own and flows into Black Magic Woman, the first song with lyrics. Not that those matter much - Oye Como Va mostly just repeats the words and for the most part the refrains are an additional instrument in the songs. Beyond that, while this doesn't have the loose, improv feel of most jazz albums, a lot of the songs are inspired y the sound, especially the instrumentals that feel like they lounge along more - although the Latin elements are strong as well, adding a bit of a kick to the proceedings.

It takes until Mother's Daughter for the album to really bring in rock as I think of it, with the heavier guitars and the vocal stylings that reminded me of the Rolling Stones. It's a good sound that integrates a few elements well, but it also feels like a shift to a rockier sound that feels quite distinct from the first half. They're good, but not necessarily to provide a consistent whole on the album. It's one where there are good individual tracks (even if jazz isn't my thing), but where it felt like it wanted to create a consistent experience at the start, that fell by the wayside later on.