The ninetieth comic: #786 Berlin: City of Stones

Berlin: City of Stones, and its follow up works (which I've read part of as well) is mostly set in 1929, around the time of the great recession and the events leading up to the nazis taking control of Germany. Through it, we read the story of several people as they live their lives in Berlin through these events. The main thread is the love story of Kurt, a disaffected journalist, and Marthe, an art student. They live their life while trying to stay unaffected directly - with enough resources to not have to worry too much about what's going on.

We meet a lot of different groups that are more so. One family split by the ideological differences, which leads to the mother being killed in the Blutmai massacre and the girl living on the streets. A later work introduces several black jazz musicians who have to live in this racist environment while having more privileges thanks to their work in a somewhat more known night club.

It's a dark and daunting view of a world that makes you reflect more than anything on how to survive in a world where all this is going on, how you'd ignore or deal with certain things while trying to get through it. There's occasional decadence that seems unjustified, violence that would have happened but pushed away and other challenges. The simple style (skin colour is implied more than shown) adds to the bleak feel of the world and the really sets the tone for a look at a world that seemed far less alien than I thought.