The two hundred and twelfth album: #212 Carole King - Tapestry

It's nice to get some gentle soft rock in today - it's been a tense few days and Tapestry really helps a lot with clearing that up. It's hard to pick out individual songs - not because they're all the same, but because today they just put me in a feel good cocoon. Beautiful is the right sort of upbeat song, a nice basic rock tune that really feels uplifting and positive. It's a feeling that runs through the album and it really works at the moment.

You've Got A Friend, which opens the second side, is a song that's been covered enough and always had a resonance with me (I think because it was one of the songs that we covered during singing/vocal lessons, and made a connection with because of it). Again, it just works as a show of support. The whole album is a fulfilling listen like that, lifting my spirits and making me feel good.