The one hundred thirty-fourth TV show: #118 The Time Tunnel

The concept of a couple of people travelling through time, unable to control where they're going, is an interesting one, explored before on Doctor Who and, dimension or life hopping rather than time hopping, on shows like Sliders and Quantum Leap. To a lesser extent, most sci-fi shows seem to do time travel at some point, both as a different way to tell a story and, to be honest, because those are sets built for other production and so are cheaper to use.

The latter is the driving force of Time Tunnel, using both the sets and crowd scenes of existing productions, with a small guest cast for the actual stories. The success is, at best, mixed, a trilogy of alien stories and the end of the series working because of how bizarre it gets, but stories involving the fall of Jericho and a trip to the Moon doing quite less so. On the whole the show feels ambitious, a trend setter for American television, but flawed now, with too much action where some more dilemmas would have been better. There are places where that comes up, and that's when the episodes are more interesting than when we deal with the fall of Troy following the known beats. We didn't finish it, but it stayed a decent curiosity.