The eighty-fourth book: Mansfield Park - Jane Austen

I'll be honest, Mansfield Park was my least favourite of the Austen novels so far. Her first two books were great reads, with strong female protagonists (for their time) who worked to make their own destiny. I wouldn't say it was filled with action, but they drive it. On the other hand, Fanny Price is more passive, put into a position in life and accepting the virtuous, good path. It feels like a callback to earlier epistolary novels and their female characters who have everything happen to them.

It reads a bit as a morality, with Fanny Price inside it but mostly acting as an observer and mouthpiece as the protagonist with the right morals, but I didn't find much in there that actually endeared me to her and everything going on around her fell flat because she was so passive - I was waiting for that to switch, but it simply never happened.