The one hundred and eighty-third TV show: #497 Tous les Garcons et les Filles de Leur Age

Out of the shows we've covered, it feels like this one is one that had the longest journey for how much we watched of it. More a collection of short films with a single subject, it features the stories of different teens in different decades. Having watched three, it feels like the movies ahve some themes in common beyond the intentional - the way your own problems feel so much bigger at that age, dominating the world for you, and hwo life can feel more superficial. There's those elements of selfishness and lack of perspective, trying to be deep and failing beyond that superficial level. It's interesitng as a way of looking at it, but it has that new wave touch (even if it goes against it) that makes it harder to connect with watching now. They're interesting pieces that I'm glad I have seen, but I don't feel the need to dive deep trying to hunt down subtitled versions of others.