The three hundred and fifty-fifth album: #355 ABBA - Arrival

Listening to this round's ABBA album, I had an odd sensation - familiarity breeds affection. While the album has a full collection of good pop songs, the ones that I knew (Dancing Queen, Knowing Me Knowing You and Money, Money, Money for example) felt like songs that were that much better on the album. It might be self selection for the songs we know, but it feels like a track like 'Tiger' could have been as successful, but the fourth single "That's Me" just doesn't seem to have gotten as much attention.

There's something about their poppy, upbeat songs where they are at their best, and combined with these songs being ones you can sing along to, they just ask for that boost. It's how they worm their way in and really make you feel best. It's a good album still, but the highlights do feel like they're that much stronger.