The two hundred sixteenth album: #216 John Lennon - Imagine

Slowly, the influence of the Beatles comes to an end, with only an album by Paul McCartney with the Wings coming up on the list. John Lennon's Imagine, which opens the album, feels so overused for me now - a lovely ballad about world peace without real solutions but just a "what if" that gets overused now in all sorts of "Let's just get along" contexts where that seems easier than taking action. I wouldn't expect a song to do that, but it feels like its current use puts a shadow on a song that works that well.

It's followed by a far jauntier Crippled Inside, a country rock ballad that is quite nice, but not as impactful. The album then goes between protest songs, ballads and prog rock songs. As much as the album has its sweet moments and moments of peace, there are as many where the anger comes through in it - indirect if not outspoken, with How Do You Sleep being the obvious reference - and it creates a more complex feeling album - not undercutting the message, but enhancing this being a personal album from a real person, rather than some more fabricated point.

I was worried going into this album based on the title track, but there's a lot more nuance to it than I expected, and there's a lot here still of what I liked from the Beatles.