The two hundred and thirteenth album: Isaac Hayes - Shaft

I've watched Shaft (the movie this is the soundtrack to)! I didn't enjoy it - blaxploitation isn't my thing - but I also remember the movie almost existing for the soundtrack, it was a stand out. Of course, without the visuals, that falls apart, and while the vocal funk songs work decently, a lot of the 70 minute album is background music, something the album is suited for but which doesn't work as something I more actively listen to. So the Theme From Shaft and Soulsville are decent songs, Bumpy's Lament gives a good atmosphere, but everything else fades into the background.

I've heard the soundtrack of Shaft referenced often in other works and it feels like it might have become the default sound of this type of movie or show for some time, and it does its job really well to bring across the right atmosphere, but as a standalone album this feels a bit weak.