The one hundred and seventy-sixth TV show: #371 The Golden Girls

While I enjoyed the Golden Girls when it was on when I was younger, there are plenty of shows that I enjoyed back then that haven't lasted. But while there are times where the show feels that way, for the most part the stories of older women living together works well. While at times approaching their topics with more maturity, there are as many storylines that are similar enough to ones found in sitcoms about people in their twenties. It's heartwarming and hilarious, with someo of the meandering stories working especially well. The charisma of the three leads do a lot of the work too, both in how they play off each other and how they each get the best out of their lines. It works and it's clear they all work to make it work that way, staying likeable throughout. We went from just starting it to being addicted and with how far we've come in three weeks, I wonder how long it'll take us to finish the series.