The two hundred and twenty-second album: #220 Dolly Parton - Coat of Many Colors

I don't think that it's unfair to say that Dolly Parton has a sound, focused on a simple guitar backing to support her songs. Other instruments and harmonies come in, but it's those two that feature most heavily on most of her songs and changing it out for a bass guitar already feels like an interesting step to switch things up. In this case, that's not bad, as it works as a sound, but I have to admit it made Early Morning Breeze a favourite for me.

Instead, it gives a focus to her lyrics that carries through the album. The aforementioned Early Morning Breeze creates that image of a walk through nature in the early morning, or stepping out into the garden and enjoying nature. Others are clear love songs, sweet and effective, reflections on her childhood (including the titular track) and other slices of life. It's sweet and persuasive, with some amazing lyrics . It's an amazing album for that, and especially when it mixes things up more on the second half, the album is really enjoyable.